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Fermenting is a science, and a bit of an art. It requires care in a few specific things, but doing it right is not particularly complicated. We provide instructions that are accurate to the best of our knowledge, and which are based on the methods we successfully practice ourselves. There are no guarantees of success or safety with fermented foods. While properly fermented foods are not only safe, but healthy to eat, it is up to you to follow instructions to ensure safety, and to trust your eyes and nose, and don't eat things that do not look or smell like food. We offer no guarantees of success with our product. We do warrant that it is as described, and will do what we say it will, but how you use it is your choice.
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Kraut Press

Wooden tool to press kraut and other chopped or shredded ferments into the jar. 10″ long NOTE: This is NOT a “kraut pounder” (though you can use it for one if you insist). This is a kraut press. We do not recommend pounding cabbage for kraut, as it ruins the crisp texture of homemade kraut. […]

Fermenta Lock Airlock Cap

Wide Mouth Compact Airlock Jar Lid. Fits standard Wide Mouth Mason Jars and other jars which accept the same size lid. Also available in other standard jar lid sizes. Each order includes: 1 Wide Mouth Fermenta Lock Airlock Lid and 1 Wide Mouth Storage Lid NOTE: Standard Mouth Fermenta Lock Caps are available by custom […]

Fermenta Dunk Food Weight

NOTE: Who would have thought that dunkers would be so hard to find, and so hard to keep supplies sufficient? It seems every time we order another batch, one more style has become unavailable. We are saving up for the equipment and supplies to manufacture our own dunkers, so we can keep the supply predictable, […]

Fermenta Fido Airlock Jar 1 QT


NOTE: Fido Valves are available. Order the regular replacement valves and email us to let us know you want the fido version. This item is currently made to order, turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks. The pickling jar EVERYONE wants! Fido canning jar with an airlock lid. Currently available in 1 qt size (other sizes […]

Fermenta Fido LID ONLY


We have had so many requests for Lids Only, that we are listing these separately. Standard FIDO Jar lid with Airlock Valve The majority of the cost of these are in the LID and the VALVE, so the price difference is not great. This item is Made to Order, and has a standard 2-3 week […]

Fermenta Sauce Chubby Airlock Lid and Jar


Finally! A narrow airlock jar for sauces and condiments! Includes 1 Square 16 oz Jar 1 Airlock Lid (with Fermenta Lock Valve) A complete set for fermented condiments and thicker sauces. The jar mouth is large enough to be able to use a spoon or knife to remove contents, but narrow enough to control pouring. […]

Wide Mouth Fermenta Lock and Dunker Bundle


Buy a Bundle and Save! An easier way to order Fermenta Lock and Fermenta Dunk together. Each order includes: 1 Fermenta Lock Airlock Cap 1 Plain Storage Cap 2 Fermenta Dunk Food Weights (may be round or square) 2 Dunker Extenders (Qt and Half Gallon) Please read full descriptions on the individual product pages, for […]